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2013 update: Mim's new books are now available to buy on Amazon, Create Space or as Kindle downloads:

Mim Scala new book - The Luckiest Man in the World.

Option 1. Mim Scala's new book - The Luckiest Man in the World. Click to purchase book at Amazon

BiBi - sixties novel by Mim Scala Kindle Edition

Synopsis: In 1931 during the height of a worldwide depression, when money was so hard to come by, Emilio Scala acquired a ticket in the Irish Sweepstake. The ticket drew a horse called Grackle, and Grackle went on to win the Grand National, and with it Emilio won the incredible amount of £375,000. This was at that time the largest ever payout on a sweepstake ticket. Emilio's win catapulted him into a world of celebrity and intrigue. Collecting his prize was not going to be easy, with shrewd bookmaker Toby Grant plotting with the American Heiress to remove Emilio's cash. Is Emilio up to the challenge can he hold on to his newfound fortune or are the vultures going to pick his bones?


Diary of a Teddy Boy by Mim Scalaclick for gallery



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